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There are no coincidences.

I’m leaving today and heaven is crying – that wouldn’t have been necessary now, but of course it touches me a lot. I really enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the encounters I experienced, especially for having met two great people like you; there are no coincidences. You two are a great team, open and interesting people. I enjoyed spending time with you, with you it is uncomplicated, relaxed and fun.

Thank you very much!

Dear Katja, dear Jürgen, this week at the beginning of October in Antalya was wonderful! I can’t thank you enough! As soon as I was in the elevator to your place, I thought to myself: From now on I’m no longer a tourist, but a student. And so it was. I really enjoyed the language course and the excursions. It was an all-round successful holiday, during which I was able to relax wonderfully and recharge my batteries for everyday life. Thank you very much!

Many Thanks.

Hello Katja, hello Jürgen, thank you very much for your pleasant and reserved hospitality. I have fond memories of the room and the great breakfast on the balcony. My heartfelt thanks again to Katja, who patiently and calmly tried to improve my lack of language skills. Never before has Turkish grammar been explained to me so clearly.