Discover Antalya and surroundings

We have been traveling and living in Turkey for many years. It is a very diverse country, we enjoy conveying the Turkish culture and way of life to you as a visitor and giving you insights.


Antalya, founded in the 2nd century BC. BC by King Attalos II of Pergamon, who also gave it its name, is one of the most famous and largest cities on the Turkish Riviera, a beautiful coast with long sandy beaches. The city is located in a fertile area, which is why it has been settled by many peoples over the centuries. Agriculture is still dominant in the Antalya area today.

The Old Town Marina is the heart of the old town. Here you can feel the atmosphere of the Orient, you can watch the fishermen on their small boats or let yourself be approached for a boat trip.

Our Neighborhood

Our house is located in the center of the famous „Atatürk“ street. In addition to various shops, there are also many cafes and restaurants.

In less than 5 minutes you are in a large park by the sea on the impressive cliffs. There are also cafes and a small rocky beach, „Adalar“ beach. A few steps further you are immediately in the famous old town with its beautifully restored houses. In just 10 minutes you can walk to the famous „Mermerli“ beach in the old town.

Not far from our accommodation there is access to various forms of public transport, such as bus and tram, as well as taxis.


Just as diverse as the city of Antalya is its surroundings. Mountains and sea – in winter it is even possible to swim in the sea and ski in the mountains.

There is a lot to discover and see, whether by car, bike, scooter or hiking. Many paths lead through the beautiful Taurus Mountains, through small, cute mountain villages, where you can enjoy the peace and clear air and switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Various ancient sites are easily accessible from Antalya.

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